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What does Jarom mean?

Back in 1993 when the decision was made to start up a publishing 'house' the need for a name occurred and with it the desire not to go down the road of previous establishments that were just religious sounding like 'heavenly publishers' or, 'saints truth', etc :0)

So, I took a leaf out of Alan Sugar's 'book' who named his company Amstrad from his own name: it is an anagram.

When I was a small boy my Dutch relatives used to call me by a nickname of Jaro which is the first two letters of Jacques and Robert. The M is the initial of my surname. So there you have it. Jarom

Why the red, white and blue colours and in that order?

The answer is simple, these colours are a reflection of my backgroound. All three countries I am associated with: The Netherlands where I was born, France where I spent my first 10½ years and the UK, as I am British and this is my home, all these have red, white and blue in their flags. The order of red, white and blue as arranged do not identify any one of these, but all of them.

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