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On copyright and on giving

Writing 18th April 2018
I was recently contacted by a local church near Exeter in the UK. They had a handout copy of the online article What is baptism in the Holy Spirit. The handout was a double sided multi colour printed version on A4 paper folded in gatefold and sold for £0.20, but is currently out of print. They commented it was the best explanation of the subject they had come across and, could they have more copies (thank you).

I gave permission to reproduce the online article. They sent a gift.

The copyright laws permit a private copy to be made for personal use; they do not permit copies made for others.

Copyright laws also permit quoting for critique or news articles providing these are public articles and full accreditation is given.

Should you wish to copy an article for use by others I give you permission here providing:
       You copy the article in full.
       Give full accreditation: my name
       Keep the copyright line
         "© copyright Jacques More 2018"
       You pay a reasonable amount or send a gift.

The means to send payment that is the easiest online is to send a payment via Paypal to:

Remember this:
"Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially those who labour in the word and doctrine." 1 Timothy 5:17

If you are helped by reading my work here online, then please consider helping with a gift: the best kind are recurring ones, like £1 a month (for example).

Since I do not work under a charitable trust* but as a sole trader, should you need an invoice, please email me and I will attach the same to a reply email (office hours UK).

*There is no limit to gifts for charity. Tax laws UK only permit gifts (per person to give) up to £3000 per year in total i.e. to non charities and individuals. There is no limit for services rendered e.g. like "training and educational services" as that is a commercial enterprise: everything is invoiced even if copies are not requested.

Thank you.

Jacques More

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© copyright Jacques More 2018

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