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NEWS – 3rd February 2024
Published a new Video. This is about those who do not hear, babies and infants, salvation as the bible mentions for those who are Non-Christians: the good guys out there known as the righteous or the just. I explain about how being born again happens for these. And related...

Will there be Non-Christians in heaven?

NEWS – 21st January 2024
I have added the following line to the bottom of the article

Here is a link to a timeline of writings of the Open Theist view

NEWS – 4th December 2023
There is on Facebook a private group for UK Christian Booksellers and related. It is a support group. There I mentioned I was giving 1 free copy of my book Deleting ELECT in the Bible - The Companion 144 page Paperback to any Christian Book Retailer in the UK. This is for use themselves or to give away as they wished. I wish to continue this for a period of 12 weeks. Since I am making this news today, I now make it from today.

As I visited a church yesterday, in conversation about this book with Matt I asked him if there was a Christian Bookshop in his town. He said yes, but had not been there for a while (something like that). Now, not all Christian Bookshop managers are in this Facebook group or necessarily have much time to see every post. Hence my writing this here and now:

If you are a UK Christian Bookseller and are approached by someone for this free copy as I just mentioned, then contact Dave Lock, the Manager of Oasis Christian Bookshop in Wallington and he will get your 1 free copy to you. Any further copies needed please see the TRADE Page (contact Kingsway CLC Trust Wholesale).

I also mentioned in this Facebook Group the news (below) of the 11th May:
the YouTube video that covers the story of my discovery there are no ELECT in the Bible.

NEWS – 14th October 2023
Published a new Article. This is about how and why I went to prison. It has an evidence page linked from it.

My Civilised Country?


If you are new to this site and would like to "jump in" to 2 topics which are dividing Christians today, I recommend WHAT IS CALVINISM? and, A WOMAN - SILENT, NOT TEACH, NOT RULE OVER A MAN? that adresses the issue of women in leadership.

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