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ARTICLE PROMOTION – 8th October 2017
When Paul quoted the scripture about God saying "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy" in Romans 9 it appears universally read by Calvinists as to mean that God just chooses whom He wills willy nilly - without regard to any previous action or individual will on the part of the would be recipient of that mercy.

Paul precedes that quote by saying that it was "to Moses" God said that. Here, is a clear pointer to a context which needs understanding BEFORE reading the quote out of that particular context, since when you gain that informative context, you realise that what happened with Moses tallies with Jesus' stated truth "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." (Matthew 5:7).

Since Paul precedes his quote by asking the question "Is there unrighteousness with God?" (Romans 9:14), this is what I have named the article which explains the needful context:


Explained - Romans 9:15
I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy

NEWS – 25th September 2017
Today is the first day of delivery from printer to readers of the October 2017 issue of Premier Christianity magazine [link is to the current issue]. This is the UK's biggest Christian magazine. The back cover is an advert (as below image and link) promoting Deleting ELECT in the Bible. This begins the full bringing to the light to the Church (all saints worldwide) that the word "elect" should not be in the bible at all, since it is a complete mistranslation of the source word from the language the scripture (the bible) was first written. The book provides all the source evidence needful to see this is so with sufficient cross reference material from numerous trusted sources to enable the reader to verify it all for themselves.

Today I am also making public the attempts at sharing all this with the world's bible scholars and the Bible Society: a period of attempts to share this knowledge and make it available for testing and perusal by the Bible Society and scholars worldwide. I have named it EKLEKTOS & Scholars–Bible Societies.

EKLEKTOS & Scholars–Bible Societies

The back cover Ad
October 2017 Issue
Premier Christianity Magazine

NEWS – 6th June 2017
The new title
PINK OR BLUE – An Autobiographical Look at How Deception Operates is here!
Following not a few challenges with the printer, stock is now available.
Deception: believing something as real and true, which is in reality false. At its root, and from the very beginning, this is the work of "the enemy" as Jesus called him. This book shares a life story of a time in a now ceased Christian fellowship: events that took place in the last year of its existence. It is followed by bible discussion and pointers to assist in recognising deception and how to handle it. Includes the work on Wolf in sheep's clothing?

112 page paperback

NEWS – 28th April 2017
A new article that looks at three words from the original languages of the bible. Each of these words has two meanings, so the article lays out the truth of this and simply mentions how this is relevant.



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