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Jacques More is a car mechanic turned writer - publisher.

Following my conversion in 1972 at the age of 14 from an un-churched background I began to worship at my local C of E church. As I read the bible and discovered healing and other 'gifts' of the Spirit mentioned but not practised or taught locally and then got invited by a school teacher, I went to an independent local charismatic fellowship.

I was amazed at how many young people there were. Soon after I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

Years later as I left school, studied at College and started a career in the Motor Trade, I began to hunger to know more of the Word of God. So that as I turned self-employed in 1982 I was able in the 80s to travel to London for a Bible College course for 3 evenings a week over a two year period and graduated with their diploma. This was called Christian Life College and the Principal was the late Elmer Darnall. Jean his wife and their daughter LaDonna also contributed alongside a wide faculty. On the request of a fellow student who was also employed by the then Elim Bible College at Capel in Surrey - now Regents Theological College in Malvern - I travelled and assisted in the repairs and maintenance of numerous lawn mowers. I was offered board and lodging and access to facilities, which I considered more valuable than the business, and moved to Capel. In the summer of 1987 the College moved to a new site in Nantwich, Cheshire and I restarted a full time car maintenance business in Surrey.

I continued my study and research of the Word, but did not begin to write till the 90s. In 1993 I closed the business down to write my 1st book and publish it. This has been re-published as a new edition and is entitled:
Will there be Non-Christians in heaven? It outlines with many bible quotes, for the sake of those without bible knowledge, how it is that 'the righteous' (as the Bible terms them) among non-Christians are already born again, perhaps best encapsulated by John's words 'If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him' (1 John 2:29; see also Acts 10:35). The importance of evangelism is clear and needs to align with the work God has already been doing in the lives of these hearers. The other bible mentioned group of 'the wicked' are seen as going to hell.

Then, in praying to know the next book on God's agenda to write, I was surprised to be given the issue of women in leadership to look into again. I thought I had come to a firm understanding that leadership is male and this I advocated. To my further surprise, but obvious astonishment and interest the Lord turned me around on this view. He showed me a way through the passages in a way I had not read of elsewhere (my life verse, as mentioned by numerous 3rd parties over the years, 'I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.' - Psalm 32:8)... I then sought to learn New Testament Greek to assist in writing this up. After 14 years this became the book Leadership is male?

During this time I wrote a number of articles relating to the issue of Calvinism and was thereby able soon after to also quickly produce a comprehensive response in my book So you think you're chosen?

Since my 1st book I have also had a number of insights, a dream (of an elephant - in a real sense this dream encapsulates what I am about in providing what the saints need to unite) and a vision in regards to what I believe is God's heart and plan for revival in the nations. To this end I produced my booklet Revival - The Battleplan. It is now freely readable online.

With many researches and studies over the years into passages and root meaning of words in the bible and only a few of these shared in the above mentioned books, I published in 2011 my 4th book Serious Mistranslations of the Bible.

Further work on the Greek word EKLEKTOS in 2015, exhaustively looking at all related evidence from the Septuagint, has seen the production of Deleting ELECT in the bible.

In 2017 personal experience and much related learning gained in the 70s and 80s saw the publication of Pink or Blue - An autobiographical look at how deception operates. This was the result of 9 years in a fellowship that then dissolved in 1982.

New August 2018
A simpler and concise Companion to Deleting ELECT in the Bible that lays out fully the case for removing "elect" from effective use.

Other Authors
At a Greenbelt event I 'happened' to meet and talk with Jason Garner who told me he was writing a novel. Years later he contacted me saying it was now finished and this led to my acting as a consultant in enabling Jason to publish under his own imprint in 2004. His debut novel Swimming in the Red sea is a Christian fiction story and is recommended to anyone with any interest in counselling. It is a revealing insight into how events in childhood long forgotten can affect our relationships and interaction with others as adults. A great way to illustrate the need to discern carefully the root cause for the way others behave.

In 2011 I was contacted by Jo Patterson after she had approached a number of other publishers about her debut novel. I cried on reading her manuscript which she had speedily accomplished in a few weeks earlier that summer. Reading again I went on to be in tears several more times. This is an anointed inspired story that will move anyone in touch with their emotions (and many not). Perhaps the only Christian fiction book out there that speaks into the issue of teenage pregnancy and equips the saints well in how to handle things. I published the title as CHOSEN - Emma Jones in 2012. In March 2013 Jo and Alan Patterson decided to self publish and took hold of the stock.

Jacques is in accord with the Evangelical Alliance Basis of faith

Jacques lives in Tonbridge, Kent the furthest South East County of England.
He is available to speak about his books or articles.

Unless otherwise stated Bible quotes are from the New King James Version

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