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by Jacques More

2 brothers on a settee one reading a book, the other playing a handheld game.

Without looking up the one playing the game (Gamer: G-) asks:

G - What you reading then?

Without looking up from the book (Reader: R-) responds:

R - A good fiction book

Nonchalantly, and still not looking up

G - What's it about?

R - It's about the rapture and the end times

Still half-hearted

O, yes?

R - Yes, it's interesting stuff...


R - Say, you've read the bible a bit, what do you think of this rapture stuff?

Still looking at his book

Slowly putting his game down and relaxing A LITTLE

G - Well, the rapture is a bit like Christmas...

(R- Waits, knowing his 'Bruv' often responds with a leading reply)

G - At Christmas you hear about 3 kings and lovely things, but the bible does not call them kings...

- And, there is no number given, three gifts are mentioned that is all.

R - And with the rapture? (now putting his book down on his lap and relaxing back)

G - The rapture is said to happen with people leaving their clothes behind. (light snigger) You won't find that in any passage.

R - So, when it happens there won't be piles of clothes everywhere?

G - O, yes (says G, with a big grin) Of course there will.

(R- Knows his brother is making a joke, so looks at him and waits for a proper answer)

G - There'll still be plenty of piles in wardrobes, cupboards, shops, lockers, everywhere...


R - But no little piles where people stood? Those who have been taken?

G - The bible does not say either way, just like Christmas...

- There could have been 3 so-called kings but no number is given, and there may be some clothes left behind, but we are not told that. In fact, the opposite, because when Elijah was taken all he left was his cloak, nothing else he was wearing, and when Jesus was taken up He didn't do it naked either.

R - I get your point.

- What about the idea this will happen at anytime?

G - Actually, Bruv, that's a more serious question!

- That's a new idea. The bible says quite the opposite.

R - What do you mean?

G - The idea of an invisible - could happen at any time - snatching away of all the saints before the tribulation came about in the 19th century. Well, made popular then.

R - You're kidding me? (Or, just a look of incredulity will do - a look of disbelief)

G - Honest.

R - Wow! This book is all based on that idea.

Slowly and sadly

G - Yes, I know. There's a lot of it about.

- The bible actually says explicitly the event will happen after several things, last of which being the tribulation itself.

R - Nooooo, You sure about that. Wow!

- If it's that clear in the bible what does it say that these books have (speak this slowly and clearly): . . . left . . . behind?

G - Jesus said, after the tribulation, then the saints will be gathered up.

R - I know that passage, cool! I didn't realise that was a reference to the rapture.

G - Yes, the gathering together of the saints is in a number of places, but Jesus saying clearly that this was after the tribulation is the best quick one to show when it will be. So, it is impossible that it could happen anytime soon. That is, until the tribulation has been and ended.

All excited but querying

R - Wow! That's cool! That means I can concentrate on my further education and stuff without waiting to see if I'm going at any time, then?

G - Yes, and, ... get married and, ... have a mortgage, but do everything the Lord gives you to do is the real deal. Even read a book. You know that.

R - I know.

- So, what game are you playing?

With a frown

G - I'm practising to beat your record...

R - Ha ha, You'll never do that!

Looking upset, but resigned to the truth

G - Yeah, you may be right there.


Fur further reading I recommend: WHEN IS THE RAPTURE?

Ref. S.061

© copyright Jacques More 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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