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For Calvinists

by Jacques More

The law of Your mouth better to me than thousands of gold and silver.
Psalm 119:72

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"Quick answers to Calvinists Romans 3" - Time: 03:37

Romans 3:10-18 is often quoted as a proof text of total depravity. Whilst Paul's use of the quotes from the Old Testament are to demonstrate that Jews are sinners too: Total depravity is not inferred; just that we are all sinners.

"Quick answers to Calvinists Ephesians 1" - Time: 01:59

God . . . chose us in Him . . . having predestined us . . . (Ephesians 1:3-5) is explained as to whom this applies and what the limits are in the passage to show that God has only the group in view.

"Quick answers to Calvinists Ephesians 2:1" - Time: 02:50

And you he made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins - Ephesians 2:1 explained with use of Verse 2 and the Greek to show 'in' is true by means of an activity inherent.

"Quick answers to Calvinists The Elect" - Time: 03:14

The Elect or The Chosen from the Greek 'eklektos' in the New Testament is shown by its use in the Septuagint to have an emphasis on quality.

"Quick answers to Calvinists Acts 13:48" - Time: 09:47

. . . as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed. Acts 13:48 is here explained in context of the verb tassó's use elsewhere and the rest of Acts 13 to show the believers had set themselves.

"not so Quick answer to Calvinists John 15:16 (& John 6)" - Time: 07:11

In John 15:16 Jesus says He chose the disciples; they did not choose Him. He is speaking to the 11 apostles after Judas Iscariot left them. They were chosen to bear fruit. This is linked in with John 6 to show that this is also about those who respond to the Father's teaching.

"Paul's teaching of Conditional predestination" - Time: 10:18

Romans 8:29-30 is known for 'the golden chain' of salvation amongst Calvinists. Here it is explained in context of the preceding verses to outline Paul's teaching of Conditional Predestination.

"Can You Answer These, Calvinist?" - Time: 09:05

A vlog (A video blog) turning into an educational video with 7 questions to help Calvinists realise the God of Calvinism is not the God of the Bible whom they aspire to follow.

"Augustine began 'Calvinism" - Time: 05:52

Before Augustine of Hippo the early church taught conditional predestination. Perhaps best seen in their writings on free-will which Augustine departs from. Here are quotes from at least 7 earlier writers, from Augustine and, a compiler of history of Christian doctrine to show the early church taught conditional predestination.

For further videos on this series go to Jacques' YouTube Channel: gracetruthguy.

Unless otherwise stated Bible quotes are from the New King James Version

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