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by Jacques More

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Revival - The Battleplan.

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Writing the 25th November 1995:
At the heart of this next great Move of the Spirit of God in Revival will be the glory of God. The events and responses that will be manifest will occur in such a way that personalities and denominations, streams and individual ministries will not be foremost, but instead the Church as a whole will become prominent. And as the Church is the Body of Christ, the Head - Jesus Christ - will be glorified and His name lifted high. God will have the glory.

I see a number of steps towards this eventuality which are not necessarily one after the other but working together:


The removal of certain theological barriers between groups of Christians and in particular those dogmas that have been at the root of division.


A greater understanding and acknowledgement between all the sections of the Church.


Effective openness to work together in each locality for the kingdom of God.

The mobilising of the youth as workers in the harvest.

The removal of theological barriers will occur as the Bible is opened up in ways untouched for centuries thus removing the ground upon which various doctrines have been built. This will produce a humbling in many who were dogmatic, but recognise the prime standing of the Word of God. This return to the Word of God in a fresh way will then lead them to open up to the lives and ministries of those Christians they had been apart from. This will lead to greater understanding between sections of the Church still divided.

Contact lists and common resourcing points will arise in every locality which will facilitate and speed the communicating links between believers, giftings and ministries. Meetings, events and missions will be able to be organised faster and with greater effectiveness as the local Body pools and pulls together to make them happen.

As the common glory and worship of Jesus is experienced, the needs of the community around visualised and the desire for the unreached to know grows, then the openness to work together for the kingdom of God will manifest. It will not be the individual church or fellowship which will control or manipulate the workings, but the Spirit of God as He is recognised as the instigator and facilitator of counselling individuals, witnessing, helping in the community and other.

Much of this will occur as the youth of the churches are released to meet together and work together to be instruments of God as workers in His harvest. The prime and first reason God has for wanting the youth to be released in this is that the outpouring of His Spirit in Revival will thus not be construed as having been by 'our own strength or power'. God's glory - His Name - will be honoured as we relinquish hold or title to what He is doing. Miracles of healing will occur as the youth witness to their friends and neighbours. There will be outpourings of Holy Spirit conviction on individuals and groups witnessed to. Words of knowledge, wisdom and significant teaching will be forthcoming from their lips. There is much that God has 'up His sleeves' here.

The Lord shared a passage of scripture which illustrates what He is desiring. The passage is Judges 7. The single most important verse is the Second:

And the LORD said to Gideon, "The people who are with you are too many for Me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel claim glory for itself against Me, saying, 'My own hand has saved me.' "

Judges 7:2

The Judges passage then goes on to mention how God reduced the number of people who would be involved in the initial attack against the enemy from tens of thousands right down to 300 men. The Lord's honour is at stake. The victory was gained not just by whom the Lord wanted to use at that time however, but also as a result of the method He directed. With Gideon and the '300' their torches, clay jars and their shouts was the method (verses 16-20). As the believing youth pray together and share with each other God's methods for each situation and what particular things he wishes said at any time will become apparent. There will be many encouraging words along the way (verses 9-15). Other folk were involved after the clear demonstration that God was the One involved in gaining the victory (verses 24-25). And when things were successful the Lord's servant, the initiator, Gideon himself, was not the ongoing ruler, but in the midst of the acclaim of others he declared who gets the glory: God (Judges 8:22-23). Reminiscent of Jesus' instruction that his faithful servants just say that they have only done what was their duty to do (Luke 17:7-10) however much recognition they receive.

In this Move of God there are initiators. But just as the first apostles were initiators, their prime function was as equippers of the saints to the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). The glory goes to God no matter how significant, vital and important the initiating might be. They will lead in initiating the demolition of false dogmas, the facilitating of sections of the Church to work together, the general run of the Big follow up. There will be a new Discipline in place in the Church as these servants of God will not care for themselves more than for the Justice and Righteousness of God to rule. One of their hallmarks will be a ruthless honesty and sincerity in handling truth but with hearts of mercy. They will become instruments in settling significant issues.

The impression I have of the youth pictured is the possible range of 14-18year olds. I have seen for a while the youth as significant, but now believe they are the Lord's '300' in this generation. Youth leaders from all sections of the Church will work together in their locality to facilitate the mobilising of these youth. The strengths of these leaders will come to the fore and their weaknesses covered by others playing their own part. Father and Mother figures will arise as supports to these youngsters in giving godly counsel and backup. Some will find their dwellings become like second homes for youngsters in their trust.

The emphasis in witnessing will be to give full freedom for enquirers to go to whichever section of the Church they desire. The aim will be only to win folk for Jesus, see them nurtured and trained as disciples wherever they choose to 'belong' in a body. Different Streams and Denominations of the Church will retain their own colour; others will merge and not be recognised as before. Those that remain will be like the different colours of the rainbow which as they work together form the one true light in their community. Reflecting Jesus who is the true light of the world.

Regular Celebration events will occur in many places which will not be recognised as being part of or run by particular groupings but be reflections of the whole church in that area. As they worship God together the atmosphere in each of these areas will be transformed as God's presence is released and made manifest. They shall know we are Christians by our love, but they shall know God is real by His glory in the midst.



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