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by Jacques More

On 31st August 1997 the world heard the news of the death of Princess Diana. A few months earlier on Friday 16th May 1997 a Sheffield lady aged 45 received the following 'word' from the Lord:

I am at work in the heart and spirit of the people of this nation. I am doing a work which, at the moment, is very, very unseen. But it is happening quicker than you think. Things are happening much more quickly than you think. And as a sign, this shall be a sign, that there will be a day very soon when the whole nation will mourn. And the whole nation will put flowers in their cities.

This 'word' she was counselled to keep safe until she heard more. On the day of the news relating to Diana she stood before her church shared the above and then gave the rest of the word:

When that happens the sign is this: the speed at which the heart and the spirit of the people of this nation can be affected, that is the speed at which I will work among this nation. Do not think that what you see and hear of are small, insignificant happenings. Do not despise the day of small things. For I tell you, when you see this sign, I am on the move, says the Lord. And I am on the move in the cities of this nation and where flowers are laid, my Spirit will be moving faster than those flowers are removed.

For I am bringing the power of My Spirit to bear on the cities of this nation. And this nation, as fast as that mourning went through the nation, joy will go through this nation. And I tell you, says the Lord, that you will know the miraculous entering your lives. I tell you that you will see changes in areas where you never expected to see changes. You will see relatives who you never expected to see, coming into the kingdom of God. You will know areas in your life where you've battled and battled and never overcome - and you will overcome in a day, says the Lord. For I am at work in this nation and I will bring this nation to its knees before Me and they will know the joy of their salvation in the mighty risen Lord Jesus.

Therefore, rejoice. And do not let that spirit of mourning pervade your own spirit. Do not let that spirit of mourning grasp at your heart. For you have joy inexpressible in your hearts. Therefore, let the rivers of living water flow from within you and know that you will have many opportunities from this point to speak of my grace, to speak of my love, to see in action My Spirit at work. Know that I will be with you in that and you will see the miraculous, says the Lord.

Having checked the authenticity and source of this 'word' it was published in a handout in September 1997. The author of the article also said that the day he read this prophetic word on Thursday 11th September the morning news bulletin announced it would take "6 weeks" from that very day to remove the flowers. 'Each bouquet of flowers was being removed by hand and all the messages and gifts that were laid with the flowers are being removed and preserved'.

As I write this in February 2002 this speedy transformation in the UK as mentioned in the prophecy has not yet occurred. I wrote to a Brother at the time who had expressed the understanding that the 6 weeks was from the moment the flowers were laid:

17th September 1997

Dear ...,

I am conscious of our Lord's instruction 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' [Matthew 7:12] and with this in mind and in the light of your comments upon the 'Diana and flowers removal prophecy' please may I bring to your attention another possible way of looking at the word received.

As I read it the emphasis was on the speed at which the Lord was going to move and the public events that occurred were a sign that it was the Lord really speaking and how fast He was going to do it; the emphasis was not (however much you and I may desire it to be) on the sign being the starting point of the lord's move itself.

The speed is unaffected, but when the event (at that speed) occurs is what is in question?

e.g. ". . . the speed at which the heart and the spirit of the people of this nation can be affected, that is the speed at which I will work among this nation."

I trust this may be of help.

Yours sincerely,

Jacques More

Now, this whole prophetic word has come afresh to my mind of late and for a while I have had the sense of how the Lord may well go about doing this change, this sudden transformation in the UK. I have felt the link to this involves the realisation, the dawning of how gracious, loving and good God really is. The meaning of Born Again also the title of one of my articles as it is understood will bring to light God's heart in the mind and consciousness of the people. The recognition that Christians have not the exclusive sole right to salvation, that many will be saved who do not know Jesus I believe can do this. Even though they need to go on and press in to the kingdom it will cause such a transformation. Instead of causing people to turn away this will bring many to the Lord because,

. . . the goodness of God leads you to repentance . . .

Romans 2:4

The realisation of God's true heart and nature will cause believers to be bigger hearted and non-believers to be drawn in and that quite dramatically. I know as I learned these truths my heart and attitude to the people around me was transformed and my witness became a genuine light of life to them. If this word above is anything to go by can these things not do the same for a whole nation and that speedily? I was quickly transformed from a narrow view of the few saved to the many welcome and that genuinely so due to the new found understanding that God has those who are His everywhere. Can this knowledge and experience not occur just as quickly for a whole nation?

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The prophecy above and the information with it have been taken from an A4 sheet published without any copyright. Except for the Bible quote there is therefore no copyright on this article either.

Ref. S.053

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