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This Appendix serves chapter four on the word eklektos and chapter five on the word suneklektos. These were preceded by the introductory chapter entitled Incorrect Word Meanings wherein the Septuagint is shown as the version of the Old Testament quoted by Jesus and the apostles.


As of 19th March 2014 I am removing this core research and analysis from the public domain as freely available. [All that remains here is the above paragraph]. In view of the copyright in place from the outset, this should keep in private hands, as per the relevant copyright laws, what was previously accessible. I encourage you to obtain a copy of this title for yourselves to discover:

All the 82 places where the word EKLEKTOS is found in the Septuagint.

A full analysis of the relevant Hebrew words in doubt and a comparison with how all the Hebrew words were translated in English translations.

A comprehensive reasonable conclusion that EKLEKTOS was never used by the New Testament to mean other than as found in the Septuagint without any emphasis of a choice or selection, but that it is all about items or persons of quality.

Jacques More

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